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Everybody loves a…

…vocab quiz! Right? Right. Here you go, three highly scientific quizzes you should be taking very seriously: How good is your English vocabulary? What is your vocabulary size? And, in line with our last post on poshness: How posh is … Continue reading

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How Many English Words Do You Actually Know?

Great vocab quiz for a lazy Sunday afternoon: And here’s another, courtesy of The Guardian: And while you’re at it, could you please transcribe this short video clip for us? Thanks.

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Apps for Learners of English

There are loads of apps for learners of English out there, so we’ve done some research and tested a few for you. Language apps are perfect to take on holiday with you (if you’re staying somewhere with an internet connection … Continue reading

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How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk — Dialect Quiz

This quiz has been all over social media the last few weeks. Give it a try to see where your North American English falls, or just to see the variety y’all might encounter if you dig deep…or just to see … Continue reading

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Grammatically Speaking…

…Staples  (an office supply chain store) isn’t the first place you’d go to if you wanted to learn more about English grammar. However, this quiz (see link below) featured on their website allows you to revisit some aspects of the … Continue reading

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Under Pressure

Are you up for a challenge? This website claims you can’t write proper English under pressure: Go and prove it wrong!

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Grammar Tests

As far as your English grammar goes, can you compete with 11-year-old British pupils? Of course you can: If that one was too easy, how about this one?

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