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Are You Posh?

Can you be posh, even if you’re not British? You probably know that the word means “smart, elegant, or fashionable” or “upper class”. According to the Collins English Dictionary, the word “posh” originated in the 19th century: “Often said to … Continue reading

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Little-known Punctuation Marks

According to the peeps at Mental Floss it was National Punctuation Day in the US yesterday, September 24th. We’ve already covered commas and apostrophes a while ago, so here are some punctuation marks for advanced language nerds: If you’d like … Continue reading

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“European Day of Languages”

Despite the rather vanilla title, the European Day of Languages proved to be a success in some circles. Here’s a somewhat amusing look at lexis via an infographic, “The European Origins of English Words.”

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“I want to break free”: Scottish Independence

If you haven’t been living under a rock these past weeks and months, you know that tomorrow is a big day in Scottish history. The Scots are going to vote on their country’s political and economic future in the Scottish … Continue reading

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How to Write a Cover Letter

When applying for jobs or internships in an English-speaking country you usually have to write a cover letter (or covering letter as it is also called in BrE) as a sort of introduction to your CV. There are, as always, … Continue reading

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‘Silly walks’ Buckingham Palace Guardsman under investigation

We hope this scoundrel gets what he deserves. Here’s the link to the short BBC article and a video clip of the crime:

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