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Little-known Punctuation Marks

According to the peeps at Mental Floss it was National Punctuation Day in the US yesterday, September 24th. We’ve already covered commas and apostrophes a while ago, so here are some punctuation marks for advanced language nerds: If you’d like … Continue reading

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Conquering the Comma – English Punctuation

By popular request, this post will be dedicated to punctuation. We already have an entry on the use of the Oxford comma, remember? …and those two punctuation marks should be familiar to you as well: …so let’s talk about the … Continue reading

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It’s all in the comma

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Catastrophe Apostrophe!

Do you know your apostrophes? In England a council recently suggested removing all apostrophes from street signs “to avoid confusion”. (Read the article here: So what is there to be confused about? If you get the jokes in the … Continue reading

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Oxford Commas

Ever heard of the Oxford comma? Only in the Vampire Weekend song and you always wondered what that was about? Well, this article can help you choose your side in the Oxford comma wars: …but never forget the “Don’t-be-dumb”┬ácomma, … Continue reading

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