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Jargon buster!

Grammatical terms belong to the more tedious aspects of language we cover in LCI and LCII, BUT if you think SUV and SVO are the same thing, that interjections are for junkies and that suffix is a character in the Asterix … Continue reading

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Maggie’s funeral

Margaret Thatcher’s funeral took place today and it cost around £10m … what would you do if you had that kind of money? The Guardian has the following suggestions for you:

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“Rust in Peace, Iron Lady!”

…that is one very bad pun indeed. This video obituary by the Guardian neatly summarizes why and what we should remember about Lady Thatcher:

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What to do next if you’re too cool for university…

…you could go to “Uncollege”: Did you know that un- is one of the most frequent prefixes in English, along with im-/in-/il-/ir-, dis- and a few more? Mostly it simply means “not”. has more details for you though: “Definition … Continue reading

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Eggs and bunnies…

Happy Easter! We hope you didn’t freeze to death during your Easter egg hunt and that your Easter bunny didn’t put all his eggs in one basket. Or did he now? Here are some egg-cellent idioms for your: And … Continue reading

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