What to do next if you’re too cool for university…

…you could go to “Uncollege”:


Did you know that un- is one of the most frequent prefixes in English, along with im-/in-/il-/ir-, dis- and a few more? Mostly it simply means “not”. Oxforddictionaries.com has more details for you though:

“Definition of un- (prefix)
1 (added to adjectives, participles, and their derivatives) denoting the absence of a quality or state; not: unabashed, unacademic, unrepeatable;
the reverse of (usually with an implication of approval or disapproval, or with another special connotation): unselfish, unprepossessing, unworldly

2 (added to nouns) a lack of: unrest, untruth

3 (added to verbs) denoting the reversal or cancellation of an action or state: untie, unsettle; denoting deprivation, separation, or reduction to a lesser state: unmask, unman; denoting release: unburden, unhand

The prefixes un- and non- both mean ‘not’, but there is often a distinction in terms of emphasis. un- tends to be stronger and less neutral than non-: consider the differences between unacademic and non-academic, for example (his language was refreshingly unacademic; a non-academic life suits him).”

Here’s a list of the most common prefixes and suffixes in English and their meaning: http://teacher.scholastic.com/reading/bestpractices/vocabulary/pdf/prefixes_suffixes.pdf

And here are two quizzes on prefixes:



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