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Word of the Day: Whistleblower

Watch this video to find out what it means: Advertisements

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Have you checked your privilege today?

The phrase “checking one’s privilege” has gone viral in the past weeks and months. Do you know what it means? Hadley Freeman explains it for you here: The phrase has also become a meme (, one of the best-known permutations … Continue reading

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Writing Emails in English

Writing emails in English isn’t all that tricky, but you have to know whether you’re sending a formal email, a semi-formal or an informal one, because the openings and closings may be  different. This pdf document provides a short but … Continue reading

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National stereotypes…

…are the worst! But here they are anyway. After all, it’s important that you know about them, so you can avoid these pitfalls. The 17 best ways to annoy a British person: And here is the other side of the … Continue reading

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