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Eggcorns. Chalk full o’ fun.

What are eggcorns? …for all intensive purposes …happen all over sudden …focus on day-today — Merriam-Webster (@MerriamWebster) December 29, 2015   Advertisements

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How to Write a Cover Letter

When applying for jobs or internships in an English-speaking country you usually have to write a cover letter (or covering letter as it is also called in BrE) as a sort of introduction to your CV. There are, as always, … Continue reading

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Apps for Learners of English

There are loads of apps for learners of English out there, so we’ve done some research and tested a few for you. Language apps are perfect to take on holiday with you (if you’re staying somewhere with an internet connection … Continue reading

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Grammatically Speaking…

…Staples  (an office supply chain store) isn’t the first place you’d go to if you wanted to learn more about English grammar. However, this quiz (see link below) featured on their website allows you to revisit some aspects of the … Continue reading

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Under Pressure

Are you up for a challenge? This website claims you can’t write proper English under pressure: Go and prove it wrong!

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Have you checked your privilege today?

The phrase “checking one’s privilege” has gone viral in the past weeks and months. Do you know what it means? Hadley Freeman explains it for you here: The phrase has also become a meme (, one of the best-known permutations … Continue reading

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What to do next if you’re too cool for university…

…you could go to “Uncollege”: Did you know that un- is one of the most frequent prefixes in English, along with im-/in-/il-/ir-, dis- and a few more? Mostly it simply means “not”. has more details for you though: “Definition … Continue reading

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