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What’s The Most Important Thing About Halloween?

…Candy, of course. If you really need to be reminded of this, watch Jimmy Kimmel’s annual Halloween YouTube challenge. For the past three years, TV host Jimmy Kimmel has asked parents across the US to film their children’s reaction to … Continue reading

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Everyday English at University

The winter term has only just begun and here we are talking about exams already! Have a look at this list of education-related vocabulary compiled by the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary: “Learning acquire/get/lack (an) education/training/(British English) (some) qualifications receive/provide somebody with … Continue reading

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Mapping the U.S.

Cultural geographers, this one is for you: 25 Maps That Describe America

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lie and lay

Having trouble with the verbs “lie” and “lay”? Can’t remember which is transitive? Can’t recall whether you “lay” or “laid” on the floor after the party? Read this humo(u)rous post (with poem) on the subject: “Recumbent Lie vs. Setdown Lay”

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“Palaver” is one of those words that you hear in some of the Saarland’s villages, to be sure. Did you know it’s used by some in English?

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Everybody loves a…

…vocab quiz! Right? Right. Here you go, three highly scientific quizzes you should be taking very seriously: How good is your English vocabulary? What is your vocabulary size? And, in line with our last post on poshness: How posh is … Continue reading

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