Crash Course

With the end of the winter term just around the corner, most of you are probably busy preparing for your exams. Do not let the internet get in your way (too late if you’re reading this…), unless it will actually help you, like this series of educational video clips produced by author John Green (yes, he of The Fault in our Stars, the young-adult novel you thought you were too grown-up to read which made you cry like a baby all through the last fifty pages or so). “Educational video clips, boring!” you might say to yourself now, but do give John Green and his team a chance. He has got some sensible things to say about literature and world history, and he says them in ten to fifteen minutes. So next time you need a break from studying and you’re just about to watch that ‘cat on a roomba’ video for the hundredth time, check out one of his video clips on English literature (e.g., Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, To Kill a Mockingbird, Frankenstein, The Great Gatsby, and many more). This is the first clip of the series, an introduction on how and why we read:

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