How to Write a Cover Letter

When applying for jobs or internships in an English-speaking country you usually have to write a cover letter (or covering letter as it is also called in BrE) as a sort of introduction to your CV. There are, as always, plenty of examples online that you can draw inspiration from if you’ve never written a cover(ing) letter before, but you have to make sure that they come from reliable sources. Never ever just copy paste from templates you find on the internet! Here are two British and two American online resources that you might find helpful:

“How to Write a Cover Letter” by American Business Magazine Forbes: This might be aiming a bit high, but it gives some useful advice about the standard structure of a cover letter.

The Purdue OWL Job Search Writing Pages: Useful for any learner of English (and native speakers), no matter what your variety of English is.

“Three excellent cover letter examples” by courtesy of The Guardian. Maybe stick with examples one and two unless you’re an artist.

“How to write a successful covering letter”, a resource from the University of Kent’s Careers and Employability Services with good advice on how to structure your cover letter and some funny examples of what not to put in a cover letter (e.g., “Am currently reading Robbie Williams’ thought-provoking autobiography” or “Here are my qualifications for you to overlook”)

Job search writing is also part of the course syllabus of your Written Expression classes, so you can of course always ask your tutors for help and/or further resources on the topic.

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