Can you say…

“Athletes often enjoy nuclear sherbet sweets for all intents and purposes?” – If you got the pronunciation right, your English is probably better than George W. Bush’s English (he famously mispronounced “nuclear” on several occasions). Have a look at this article that tries to teach English native speakers how to pronounce words like “espresso”, “prerogative”, “et cetera” correctly. The comments section is worth a look, too – you’ll never use “irregardless” again after you’ve read this:

Caution: If you’re ever unsure about the pronunciation of a word, Primer Magazine is certainly not the most reliable source (even though this article is fine, otherwise we wouldn’t post it here) – always use a dictionary! Merriam Webster ( usually gives you the American pronunciation only, so if you want to know the British pronunciation, check out Oxford Dictionaries Online  ( or Collins Dictionaries (

And now say: “A mischievous nuclear scientist went to the library” and then watch this:

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