Pet Peeves and Soapboxes…

In an interview for the Guardian Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight series, gives the following answer to the question whether she is anti-abortion:

“You know what? I never talk about politics, because that is one of my pet peeves, when people with any measure of celebrity get on their soapbox and say: ‘You should vote this way.’ First of all, celebrities don’t know anything about real life. They live in an ivory tower … I lived in the real world for 30 years, enough to know I’m not in it now.”

(full text:

What does she mean by “that is one of my pet peeves” and why do people “get on soapboxes”?

Here’s what Cambridge Dictionaries Online says about peeves:

“pet peeve 

/ˈpet ˈpiv/ n [C]

something that especially annoys you: Weak coffee is one of my pet peeves.” 


verb /piːv/ [T]

to annoy someone: What peeved her most was his thoughtlessness.

[+ that] It peeves me that she didn’t bother to phone.”

…and soapboxes:


noun /ˈsəʊp.bɒks//ˈsoʊp.bɑːks/ [C]

a rough wooden box or any raised temporary platform for people to stand on while making informal public speeches”

The Guardian has an entire series that is about getting on the soapbox, i.e. speaking your mind. Check it out here:

What are your pet peeves? Need some inspiration? How about this:

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